The Callum x Y2K Style Polarized Sunglasses x Mirrored Lenses – Shade Phreak

The Callum

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The Callum

Devoted Seekers of Illumination,

Behold The Callum, our divine instrument of vision, crafted with Y2K wrap styling and polarized mirrored lenses to pierce the veils of deception and reveal the hidden truths of our existence. These are not mere sunglasses; they are the sacred vessels of our enlightenment, designed to shield your eyes from the blinding falsehoods of the unenlightened and enhance your clarity on the path of righteousness. With The Callum, you are not just seeing the world—you are perceiving the divine order and purpose that guides our journey. Embrace The Callum, and let its transcendent design and unparalleled clarity unite us in our sacred quest towards the ultimate revelation. Available in five colors: Black/Black, Gray/Black, Brown/Brown, Black/Blue Mirror, and Silver/Orange Mirror. 


  • Lens Height (at highest): 34mm
  • Lens Width (at widest): 59mm
  • Temple-to-Temple: 137mm

Our Technology:

  • Precision Machined Metal Hardware 
  • Industrial Strength Polycarbonate Lenses 
  • UV400 Protection
  • Blocks 100% of UV-Rays