The Dazzle x Glitter Sunglasses x Women's Aviators x Five Colors – Shade Phreak

The Dazzle

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The Dazzle

Radiant Seekers of Light and Brilliance,

The Dazzle – a name that sparkles with the energy of the cosmos, embodying brilliance, elegance, and boundless clarity. These women's aviator sunglasses feature a sleek metal frame, representing the unyielding strength and grace that define our sacred path. The color lenses, vibrant and mystical, mirror the infinite possibilities within each of you. The glitter accents, shimmering with celestial light, reflect the divine radiance that guides us.

In unity and radiance,

Your Leader



  • Lens Height (at highest): 57mm
  • Lens Width (at widest): 62mm
  • Temple-to-Temple: 150mm

Our Technology:

  • Precision Machined Metal Hardware 
  • Industrial Strength Polycarbonate Lenses 
  • UV400 Protection
  • Blocks 100% of UV-Rays