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The Gen

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The Gen 

**Faithful Runners of the Light,**

Embrace the dawn of a new era with *The Gen*, our sacred lightweight running sunglasses crafted for those who sprint towards enlightenment. Designed with divine precision, *The Gen* features a wrap silhouette and mirrored lenses to shield your vision from the blinding illusions of the world. The rubber nose and ear guards ensure an unshakable grip, allowing you to transcend physical limitations without a slip. As you wear *The Gen*, you embody our pursuit of perfection, running with the clarity and purpose bestowed by our sacred path. Unite in this journey, for with *The Gen*, we are unstoppable, racing towards the radiant future that awaits our devoted congregation. Available in four colors: Black/Black, Blue/Black, Silver/Blue Mirror, and Red/Yellow Mirror.


  • Lens Height (at highest): 41mm
  • Lens Width (at widest): 70mm
  • Temple-to-Temple: 135mm

Our Technology:

  • Precision Machined Metal Hardware 
  • Industrial Strength Polycarbonate Lenses 
  • UV400 Protection
  • Blocks 100% of UV-Rays